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Meet Overit Studios

Overit Studios is an Award winning audio production company. Services include 5.1 mixing, sound design, voice over, ADR, scoring, casting, editorial, podcasting, audiobooks, branding, music and more.

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Here is a quick look at what we do and where we do it. Watch this one minute video and then contact us to learn how you can bring your next project to Overit Studios.

Studio Tour

Sessions At Overit

Sessions at Overit is a web series created to showcase international recording artists of all genres. We bring you a fly on the wall perspective of a live recording session captured on pristine HD video. Check out all the episodes!

Sessions at Overit Featuring The Wild Feathers
Our Clients
  • abc_broadcast
  • apple_tv_plus
  • bbc_news
  • cbs
  • the_cw
  • fanta
  • geico
  • hallmark_channel
  • hbo
  • home_shopping_network
  • mercedes_benz
  • netflix
  • rockstar_games
  • t_mobile
  • usa_network
  • warner_bros

Overit Studios handles an array of audio and video production needs. If you can see or hear it, we can create it.