Here is how I like to configure all of my most commonly used plugins to load exactly as I like to use them saving me a bunch of time!

Hey everybody this is Adam Clairmont for and today i want to show you how i like to configure all ofmy plugins my most commonly used pluginsto load exactly as i like to use themand this saves me a bunch of timeso if you like tips like this and videosjust like thistake a moment right now hit thesubscribe button and hit the bell whileyou’re at it so you’re notified everysingle weekas we’re delivering more and more videosjust like this about pro toolsengineering tips ableton tips on and onall rightso for now let’s dive in and i’ll showyou my pro tool screenall right so here we are in pro toolsand what i want to talk about iswhat a difference it can make just bysetting upyour plugins ahead of time and saving auser defaultto load instead of the factory defaultso for exampleif i open up this pro q3 this is thefactory defaultnow i don’t know about you but i’venever loaded up a plug-inand wanted to leave it flat just likethisi’m usually using it in some way and inthe instance of pro q3i almost always want a high passum i almost always want a couple bandsready to go and usually somethingin the upper range uh dynamic becausefor a vocalyou know i like to use that as a littlebit of de-essing so what i’ve doneis i’ve created my own default and it isright here ac defaultand this is how i like my pro q3 to loadevery single time so it’s ready for menow it’s not going to stay like this butit works for me really well because i’vealready got my high pass ready to goi’ve got a dynamic band up in here i’veeven got a low pass ready to go althoughit’s off but sometimes i can turn it onand it’s ready to rollthis is just my personal preference thisalso works really well for the controlsurface that i useso i would much prefer this plugin toopen uplike this every single time so the waywe do that is to createour preset we save that and then underthe preset menuwe want to save this as our user defaultall right and then what this does is ifwe go into our settings preferencesset plugin default to user settingso now if i were to open up a newversion of thisinstead of it being that factor defaultand being totally blankit will be just as i showed you beforethis is how i want it this is how i wantto workum you know it helps me so i’ve goneahead and i’ve done this with a lot alot of plugins you know my promy pro compressor which i use quiteofteni’ll show you pro compressor once againi’ve got my ac default this is kind ofwhere i want to beginand i i just prefer this um anotherthing i’ll show you ishow many of you love love love the noisefeature on all these waves pluginsyou know it’s normally set here with thefactory default so you can actually setthis here you can save that settingand then once again change it to uhthe user setting right in the factorysettings so it’ll turn you know when youopen up this plugin your analog noisewill be off and you have to do that withevery single one of them but if you doit onceyou’ll never have to do it again so youknow something i just want to show youthat really helps me out i think itcould probably help you out if you wantto try that with some of your mostcommonly used plugins and then the lastthing i’ll show you as wellif you are someone who uses a surfaceand likes to mapyour encoders a certain way you can saveyour map as wellyou know your own default map and thatcan be loaded up as well same thing setthat as the default rather than thefactory defaultokay and we can go into that anothertime if you want hit me in the commentsbelow if you’re interested in seeing howto custom mapyour parameters onto a surface and i’dbe happy to show you about that tooso anyway just real quick video i wantto show you this is just anotherworkflowtip i like to you know if i can doanythingonce and have it be repeated everysingle time for me i am all inand this is exactly what thisaccomplishes for me sothanks for checking this out rememberhit the subscribe buttonuh in the notification bell that meansthe world to us and really helpsthese videos get seen by more and morepeople uh don’t forget to check out and i will see youon the next video thank you bye