Trashing preferences in Pro Tools is a necessary evil sometimes. But with this tip, it can be fast and easy!

hey everybody this is adam clairmont from and today i want to showyouhow trashing your prefs doesn’t alwayshave to be a royal pain in the buttit doesn’t have to take forever there’sa simple solutionso i’m going to share that with you andif you like tips just like that thenmake sure you hit that subscribe buttonright now hit the bell so you don’t missany videos that we’re releasing that arejust like this pro tools tips abletontips how to be a better engineerall that great stuff all right so let medive into my screenand i’ll show you what’s going on okayso i recently came to the conclusionthat i needed to trash my preferencesand i know because i see in the forumsthat so many peopleare so hesitant to do this because it’sa big pain in the butt you’ve got toresetall of your settings your i o and allyour preferences and who wants to do allthat and take the timewell let me show you it doesn’t actuallyhave to take all that time okayso what i’m not going to do is i’m notgoing to go through the process oftrashingthe prefs you can google that there’sthat’s a simple thing we all know to dothatif you don’t like i said just google itit changes all the timedepending on if your pc or mac or whatversion of pro tools so i’m not going toget into that because it’ll changeanyway what i will do is tell you that ijust trashed my prefsand now i’m going to show you i’m goingto walk you through what i’ve done tomake thisa simpler process for my life so here’sa google doca google folder that i’ve created uhcalled adams pro tools docs and i’ve gotin thatatoms pro tools preferences so in herei’ve got a doc it says trash preferencesbecause i can’t remembera thing to save my life i literally makea dock that tells mewhere i need to go to trash mypreferences so i got thisquite a while ago and thankfully protools hasn’t changed what i need to dofor my version of pro toolsjust yet but again google your versionuh to make sure that it’s right for youso i’ve got that here so it’s reallyquick and easy to access so i’ve donethati’ve restarted the computer now and nowwhat i’ve also got in here isevery single one of the preference uhpreference windowsi’ve created a screenshot that capturesmy personal preferencesso all i need to do is here let me tryand configure this we can see the wholescreenif i grab this and move it over hereyeah something like thatand if i go into my preferences movethis over hereyeah so display you see this right hereit’s display okay perfectso all you have to do is just copy youknow what what i see here and put itover here sothat needs to be checked what else am imissing category type no this needs tobe category manufactureruh what else am i missing always nothat’s goodtrack type this is good cool so i’mgoing to go to operation i go back overherehit an error i’m on operation what am imissing here it’s justlook at what’s different right this iknow i want 30and i want to make a new session everytwo minutes and everybody’s gonna havedifferent preferences it’s all about howyou work but the point isit’s this simple to just get it donereally quickly and you know it’s takingme even longer than it would because i’mexplaining it but you can see how quicki’m moving through hereright so a couple things i’ll show youi’m not going to go through this wholething right now but a couple things thati’ll show youthat might help you to get going withthis and again i mentionedi don’t remember a thing to save my lifeso i actually wrotea doc to tell myself how to createuh the screen capture so it’s not thefull windowyou can just draw the window that youwantand this is how i do it on a mac ifyou’re on a pc you know google that it’stherebut all you need to do press shiftcommand 4and the space bar so i’ll do it with youjust kind of show you really quicklyum how we do it so uh shift command 4and see this little crosshairs and thenyou just go around here once it’s rightand you drag and as soon as i let up mymouse it’s going to take the shotyou see down here so i’ve got the shotnow souh two other tips if you want to makethis go possibly a little bit quickeryou could use um you could use this inconjunction with another google doc thattells you like you could do like anactual google doc where you write outokay under display i need to change sothatum this is checked always display markercolorsor whatever it is so you can reallyquickly go down that listi’ll show you one other thing that maybemakes it go even quicker and i think i’mactually going to do this for myselfi actually just thought of this umso if you open again i’m on a mac but ifyou open this upum if you open this up in previewwhat i could dowhat i could do is make these arrows solikefor example umyou know put these arrows right next toeverything that uhyou need to draw your attention to soyou don’t have to constantly be shiftingback and forthfrom the stock to that dock and missingan arrow you can literally just makethese arrowsso your eye goes right to it so anywaymy point iseventually if you work in pro toolsyou’re going to need to trashyour preferences i know those people outthere say on a mac you never have tothat’s not my experience i used to be ona pc my experience was definitely youneed to trash the preferences every nowand then and what a pain in the buttuntilyou’ve got this help now if you’vefollowed any of the videos i’ve createdon or my own channeladam claremont channelyou know i don’t want to do anythingtwice that i don’t have to i’m in aconstant pursuitof the simplest most efficient life thisisanother step toward that so it’s a lotless stressful i highly encourage you tojusttake the time next time copyyour preferences windows make the folderand also another tip is every time iupdate i make a new folder so you seeum old preferences so you know you knowi used to not do this until it’s aproblem so now every time i update to anew version of pro tools uh i’ve gotthis to go back on so if i ever need toroll backyou know i’ve still got thosepreferences the way that i want them notto like recheck anythingso anyway uh i hope you enjoyed thatmake sure you like and subscribegive us a comment that helps outeverything a whole lot and i’ll check you out on the next videothanks again bye