Are you looking for new ways to Recycle your old drum loops? Needs some inspiration? Let’s have a look at every method to recycle your drum loops in Ableton that I can think of! This is the first part of a series. Let’s dive deep!

Hey everyone this is Dave Parker from Breaking Audio. Today we’re going to talk about recycling drum loops and a variety of things you can do with them. if you like tips on production and protools and Ableton subscribe to our channel and you won’t miss a video. all right let’s get going so this isgoing to end up beinga multi-part video ummaybe it’ll be three different videosmake a little series out of thiswhat i’m going to try to do is i’m goingto try to cover everything i can thinkof in order to recycle a drum loop or orwhat to do with the drum loop was justuses for it i like collecting a lot ofthis stuffi’ve collected a bunch of it over theyears a bunch of different thingsfound a variety of different uses forthemum it’s just something i like to like tolike toplay with a lot so let’s um you knowlet’s start with maybe the first youknow we’ll start from like the simplestand go all the way to the most complexum you know later on we’ll really reallyget into kind of like beat manglingand uh and stuff like that some like funthings but we’ll start with some reallysimple like kind of obvious stuff firstso one thing that i’ve run into recentlyum when working with someone wasthey had a beat with them uh theybrought me a b they were recordingvocals to itbut when it got to the bridge of thesong um it was a really really mellowbeatit needed to pick up and it didn’t andit just kind of stayedthe exact same you know energy level thewhole time there’s nothingin the beat to really make it pick up umi didn’t create the beatuh i don’t know where it came from butimmediately what i thought of is likehey you know what let mepop open the loop library all i think wereally need is some sort of just likelittle shaker sound or something likethat to like spice it upfound something immediately threw it inso another thing you can do with drumloops is liketo spice up existing stuff even if it’sin a subtle wayyou know something as simple as likejust an auxiliary percussionelement can add the lift that you needso let’s takethe beat we have nowand we’re going to find something forthis like something in the realm of likeshakers oror whatever it is i’m going to go to ourtempo range so i have my stuff organizedby tempos let’s just start clicking onsome things[Music]that’s kind of cool it fades out whichis weirdthat’s a bit too straightall right that’ll work for now that’sgot some energy we’ll throw that one inone of the things we should probably dohere just for the sake of doing it isi’m going to quantizethe original loop control a or command aratherand then command u i’m just going togive it a real quickquantize same thing with the maracasthat we just imported here just to gluethem together real quickand let’s see we kind of getturn them down a bitthat helps and that’s pretty much what idid in this track i just found like theright shaker thingthrew it in that’s all we needed twoseconds we’re done sospicing things up and now that’ssomething that i would use realstraightforward like something like ashakerbecause it’s not like some super uniquelike loop that like came from somewherespecial i’m sureyou know it’s just a shaker and it justsaves me from having to go to the vocalbooth and set up a shaker and you knowlet me set up a mic and record a shakerand get everything rightum because sometimes that stuff is notas easy as it soundsum yeah real quick fix stuff all rightanother simple way to use some of theseloops are totake one we’ll use the loop that wefound hereand add another one to it and cutcertain frequencies out of each of themso for example maybe on onewe cut the low end out on the other wecut the high end out glue them togetherand we have a somewhat unique soundingloop right so let’s go ahead and givethat a shotso here’s our existing beatokaygo here and grab this guyit’s pretty interesting sounding righthereall right so togetherwe got flam city we got kicks and snareslanding all over the place and all sortsof stuff sowe’re going to do is again we’re goingto quantize thisas soon as it decides to behave there wego command acommand u at least they’re tighterwe still got some kicks and snares allover the place it’s generally not a goodideato have like two kicks at once so whatwe’re going to try to do here is we’regoing to go grab an auto filteryou could use an eq for this as welli want to cut outthe low end of this bead let me go tothis guyand i’m going to do the oppositeoopsie i’m going to cut out the high endofthis bead so now we’ll have is the lowend from this guy the high end from thisguy[Music]that’s kind of interesting i like itthere’s some interesting stuff happeningin the mid range where like the thethinned out kick drum is kind of makinglike ait’s kind of making like a littleaccented sort of a funny littlepatternright there[Music]right there yeah it’s interesting so youcan kind of come up with some prettycool stuff and you can take that ideapretty far if we left the maracas inthere maybe we could haveyou know made some space in the high endfor something just start layering themtogether piece by pieceand seeing how they blend having thesetwo different beats both of these thesnares seem to line up pretty nice[Music]we have no weird issues there so that’sanother really simple straightforwardidealet’s move on to the next so anothersuper typical thing you could do with awith a drum beat would be to like reallysimplejust go ahead and hack it up and reorderthe pieces rightso what i’ve done here if you look atthis example i’ve i’ve got a drum loopthis one right here[Music]all right it’s got some like tom hits inplace of this in place of a snare drumfor whatever reason it’s kind ofinterestingbut maybe i’m like i like the sound ofthis but i don’t necessarily like thepattern right like the kick hitsaren’t matching what i’m doing musicallyand whatever it is i’m creatingso a go or even the snare hits orwhatever but in this casefor me it’ll be you know what let’slet’s reorganize the kick hits here sowhat i’ve gone ahead and doneis i’ve hacked this thing up like thisright well first of alli quantized the audio because i’m goingto be hacking up like this to the grid iwant to know that things are in theright placeso i kind of zoomed in and i juststarted putting little chopshere and there where all the differentlittle pieces are that’s a high hatright there that’s a high hat righttherethat one’s a little off you want to zoomin and touch that up butthat’s pretty much what i did hacked itup in little piecesand then i ended up with this ireordered itkick hat instead of kick kick snarethingit was kick hat snare thing some extrakicks i actually used two tracksso i have the kicks on top of some hatsfor to make it sound a little bit smoothbecause what happens a lot of times whenyou when you’re chopping this stuff upyou’re going to end up with things thatdon’t necessarily sound so smoothbecause they’re hacked the way they areso in this case i want to keep the hatsgoingon top of the kick drum so it made itsound a bit smoother so let’s see whatwe got herelet’s hear the difference listen to thekick drumsright so i just changed the kick drumpattern that sounds actually reallysmooth for what it isthat’s something i do a lot recentlyi’ve been working with umputting break beat style like they’rereally like up tempo kind of factover a real drummer so the real drummersdrums i quantized to the gridand the um the break beat stuff i reallykind of had to go through and likeedit them just like this because nowthat you know the kick hits and thesnare hits aren’t lining up of coursewith a break beat you’re gonna have awhole bunch of stuff like real fastyou know all over the place but some ofthe kicks were just driving you nutsbecause things aren’t really lining upso i had to kind of go through andre-sort the beat a little bit just likei did hereyou know to get it to gel with the realdrums and uhyou know it’s a super straightforwardtechnique but it’s like you know it’sone of the best it’s like one of themost reliable sowhen i was done i had something thatsounded like oh these two parts werejust meant for each other you know theyjust absolutely gluedyou know best way to do it like noplugins involved none of that kind ofstuff justhack reorganize focus on where the hitsare kicks and snaresthat kind of stuff and you’ll come upwith something cool another thing youcan dowhich is super typical uh taking a drumlooplike i said earlier you might find thatyoulike the particular sound of like a kicksnare hat or something like that but youdon’t like the pattern at all so anotherthing you could do instead of justchopping it upyou could take the take the samples fromthe bead itself just cut the kickcut the snare cut the hat out andactually give ityou know some new you know a totally newpatternyou know by using a drum rack andtriggering with midi and somebody couldeven play something or whatever you canget pretty fancy with it at that pointum once you have something sliced intoyou know in a way that you can use midito chop it up so let’s jump in here andhave a look at what we can dowith this thing the best way to dealwith this is to throw thisright on the in the arranged view hereso we can really have a lookand what the other thing we’re going toneed here is we need a midi track so i’mgoing to go ahead and create a miditracklike so and we’re going to needa drum rack throw a drum rackon this dealey we’re going to before wedo anything i’m going to do the good oldquantize to keep this easycontrol command a command uand then we’re just going to slice wegot this is a kick drum right hereso kick snapkick hat snare right in a rowreally easy and hack these right upi’m going to toss them into our drumrack so we put the kick where the kickdrum goesput the hat where the hat goesand the snare where the snare goes andnowi’m going to give this a little bit ofvolume help umthe samplers tend to as you can see hereit decreases the volume automatically bynegative 12 db which is good i can goahead and turn them allup um but i’m just going to go ahead andthrow a drum boss on itto make it to make life simplethere we go i’ll add some boom too whynota little bit of compressiongreat so now i have a playablenot that i can finger drum or anythingbut i have a playableuh selection of sounds right from thisthing right hereyou know um and that can be used we canthrow some other midi patterns in thereandand um you know completely change thepattern and then i mean really i meanonce you have it in a drum rack and youhave a sampler like this i meanoh you can put like whatever you want onit you can enhance it i mean thisobviously when i listen to this i hearthat this would probably need some eqi might want to throw an eq8 in there uhi could take it from there reallyuh flavor to taste i guess really solet’s explore putting uhlet’s let’s get some midi you knowhappening on this all right so let’s goback to our loop library hereand what we’re gonna do is we’re gonnalook for thislet’s grab this guyall right so ableton makes extractingmidi from a drum partpretty easy a lot of times it doesrequire a little bit of clean up youmight want toum you know it struggles a bitoccasionallylet’s just have a listen to this realquick[Music]all right so that’s all the loop we’rereally going to need i’m going to realquick run down hereand i’m going to quantize it as welljust forthe ease of use andpack all this out of here i’ve trimmedit down with just the loop of it i want[Music]all right so super simplewe’re gonna right click and then we’regonna go down toconvert drums to new midi trackand we’re gonna have a listen to ourmidi trackyep so there is a drum hit in there thatwe don’t wantthere’s a snare right therein the middle of it so example of amissed trigger it can happen sometimesit usually happens with you know snaresand hatsall right well now we got a pretty goodloop there and we’re going to go chuckit onto this trackthis is where we put our samples beforethat were taken from this loop sowe have samples from here[Music]and now we have the pattern from thisall right and we end up with thisall right so it needs a little bit ofsweeteningas i said i would probably like eq thisthingthe hat’s a little bit heavyi would perhapstake out some of the low mid let’s justslap the filter on it real quick butyeah right not too bad now you put somereverb on that and you know sweeten itupyou know compress it you know play withthe drum buss a little bit really slamit through it goodget some get some get it hitting heavyand uh and that’s cool and it’s uniqueand then theyou know the whole idea is i mean it’sin midi nowso you know if i want to take thispattern and make it even moreinterestinguh you know that’d be you know like it’sjust guys you could do whatever to ityou knowand the other thing by the way i did icut these out this kick snare hat thingpretty simply i mean you can get kind offancy with this stuff i mean if youwanted touh here’s some good tips right i’ve gotthe whole the whole drum rack down herei’ve got all this empty space i could dosomething where itake the kick a second time throw it inmaybe pitch that one down a little bitthat could be good for like a good oldboom you know that kind of thingone’s a little bit lower one’s a littlequieter whatever maybe i could eq alittle differently so i get some likedifferent flavorsbecause sometimes when you’re choppingthings up like this as you heard withthe hats they can be a little bitlike fake and like it’s exactly the sameevery timeso trying to come up with different waysof having variation is a really goodidea so let’s let’s saydown here on g1 i put another hi-hatbut i’m just going to tweak it a littlebit you know tweak it somehowum and then i go to my loop here youknow my midiand i could you know i’d see well let’sjust go ahead and do something realquickand then go down to g1 drop it inwhoopsie look at my midi here and i cango you know what i’m going to drag someof these hi-hat hits to g1 insteadlike every other one or something likethat just to create some sort ofvariationand on the other hat i can you knowyou know i can transpose it you know upor down a little bit you know roll offtheyou know the filter a little bitdifferently whatever it is try to createsome variation to give it life you cando that with the kick the snaresyou can even layer some snares um youcould turn some stuff around backwardsprobably the easiest way to do that goup herein arrangement view just go you knowwhat bang i’m gonna turn this thingaround backwards solet’s take a look at the clip reverseyou know now your little backwards hatyou know i don’t know how that’s gonnasound butyeah i mean whatever you know soundslike a backwards little tiny slice ofaudiobut um you know i could throw that intothe drum rack as welland have a moment for that where it doessomething interesting or i could timestretch somethingright so you could come out here on thecome out here in the arrangement viewtake this piecethrow it over here you know time stretchit to all heckand like that could sound interestingthrow that into the drum rack and youget something like cool too sothere’s a whole variety of ways you canyou really spice things upyou know right so that’s pretty much uhthat’s pretty much it for this timewhat we’re gonna do is we’re gonna takea deeper look into some other thingsnext time we’ll get a little bit moreadvanced onon some of this stuff but uh you knowthat’s a lot of stuff right there tomess with with some drum moves to findsome inspiration that’s what reallythese videos are gonna be all about it’sgonna be about findingyou know how do we get some old life outof this stuff and find some inspirationand do some cool thingsso we’re gonna keep going on this andi’ll see you next time have a good oneyou