Do you find Multiband Dynamics useful? Do you want to try the same technique with other plugins? Here’s a fast way to do that in Ableton. You can multiband Process with any plugin with Audio Fx Racks!

hey everyone, Dave Parker here with
Breaking Audio.
in today’s video we’re going to talk
a bit about using ableton’s racks
and eq3 to set yourself up to multi-band
process anything
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so let’s check it out so let’s have a
look at a plug-in i made recently
or an effects rack rather so effects
racks and ableton are great you can do
all sorts of stuff with them
uh you can get really creative with it
um the macro knobs you can kind of
control the pram
different parameters of the plugins that
are contained within the rack
um it’s something i’m not going to go
super deep into right now but i’m going
to talk about one specific thing you can
do with it
um earlier this year i was playing
around with redux i was trying to
reduce something it sounded like you
know i was going for a low-fi thing it
sounded like it needed it
but i was kind of unhappy with the
result i was getting because like
certain frequencies maybe i got like it
responding well to like the low end but
i had all this really weird inharmonic
stuff in the high end and
you know or maybe you know whatever
maybe my low end was getting messed up
or whatever
i thought about it i was like you know
what i should really make a multi-band
version of this like it’d be great if i
can affect only the low to a certain
degree only the mid and only the high to
a certain degree
and you know customize the sound that
way so what i did
is i kind of made a rack here as you can
and using eq3 to
um to achieve this right so i’m going to
kind of go over to a much more stripped
down version
and i can kind of show you um something
to be really cool for you to make to
help you
um multi-band process
with any plug-in really right so here’s
what you do and you can you can pre-save
so you can get to it quickly and that’s
what also we’re going to do so
um i’ve gone and made myself three
lanes of audio in the rack one for low
one for mid one for high i’ve put eq
three on each one and i’ve only let the
low pass
for the low channel the mid for the mid
and the high
for the high and i didn’t actually even
um tweak
the frequencies at which they they cross
over i just kind of left them alone for
now because i can tweak that later
depending on the sound
that i’m working on so um basically what
i’m set up for at this point
is to drop any plugin i have so
let’s say okay i used redux in the
earlier example
um i want to use overdrive or something
any other plugin
i can think of that i might want to try
in a multi-band scenario
because there are plenty of times where
you want to affect something but you
want the low to stay alone and just kind
of be solid
and not be totally overly affected but
you want the mid and high
to be heavily affected it makes it
richer whatever it is you’re trying to
so if you make something like this that
and i just named it multiband times
three right um
because three bands i can grab this
whole rack
as plain as it is and just kind of drag
it up here into my custom audio effects
and save it like this
so now in the future when i find myself
uh you know what this plug-in is a
little intense you know ah multi-band
what i can do is i can drag this
right out onto the channel and then
on the you know on the right side of
this low here i can pretty much drag in
anything i want so um you know we could
with the whole overdrive concept and
just kind of drop in
drop it in there drop it in here
behind the mid behind the high
and boom i am multi-band processing
right so
because i’m only hitting the low with
this one mid high
you can also get fancy and start
assigning knobs
for your overdrive into your macros and
one of the things you can do as well
is let’s say if i wanted all the drives
on all three of these channels
to be affected by the same macro i can
do that i can map it that way
um or you can have them be independent
because you know maybe you don’t want
you know like i kind of said before
maybe the low mid and high to have the
same amount of drive
but you can get kind of creative the
point is you can get creative with these
macros and how you assign them
uh to the to the plugins inside um and
a quick tip is you can see how i’ve
the eq3 here to low on the low and the
and the high that’s because sometimes
you’re navigating these racks
things can get a bit confusing and you
can accidentally start tweaking the
wrong plug-in so i highly recommend
doing that
i would also do it here as well um so if
i were to take some time and really kind
of clean up this rack as one of the
things i would do
is name that very carefully and also you
know spend some time
you know with the macros you can also
have the macros adjust the levels of
your low mids and highs if you like
but that’s pretty much it but i highly
recommend creating one of these just
really really simple
three-way split you can also use eq8 to
get a little bit fancier
and make a four-way or five-way you have
to be a little bit more careful with
your crossover points and get them all
exact because you don’t want anything
weird happening with phase because
things could get a little bit
a little bit tricky with that um go
ahead and save it to
where you save your custom stuff and uh
you know just
pop it on a channel whenever you think
you might need it and i found it
extremely useful doing this kind of
and um yeah anything preset and pre-made
and ready to go in my book is like
is like the right thing to do so um yeah
i will see you guys
next time have a good