Today I want to dive into a video about audio restoration. You ever get something from somebody and it’s like kind of glitchy or stuttery and you don’t really know what to do? Recording again is not an option?

Hey welcome back everyone to Breaking Audio my name is Adam Clairmont, happy to see you again. Today I want to dive into a video about audio restoration. You ever get something from somebody and it’s like kind of glitchy or stuttery and you don’t really know what to do? Recording again is not an option? Well I’m going to help you out with that but before we begin if those are the kinds of videos you like tips and things like that how to make your audio better your job more valuable to your clients then hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell because those are the types of videos that we’ll be giving you every single week so let’s dive in. All right sowhat i’ve got here today is some audiofrom a clientuh that was recorded off of zoom um theywere recording a webinarand they sent this over to us withreally a big problem check this outwe’re committed to making the process aseasy as possiblekeeping you updated on guidance from thesba and the treasury to hear those popshonestly i don’t even know what thosepops are um it sort of sounds like aplosive but it’s not it sort of soundslike clipping but it’s notsome i don’t know something was screwedup with this person’s laptop i believebut regardlessum this was like a three or four minutelong webinar this person recordeduh kind of important couldn’t re-recordlike i mentioned sowhat do you do well i opened uprx izotope um and i usedspectral repair you can get spectralrepairwith the standard version of rx fromizotopeyou’ll have to go to the website for thecurrent prices i think right now it’sabout 400 bucks they’re on rx7 right nowi’m using rx6 but the same thing reallyso that’s um what i was given and thisis what igot it to we’re committed to making theprocessas easy as possible keeping you updatedon guidance from the sba and thetreasury departmentso not so bad right so let’s uhdeconstruct thatso first uh select the audio and we goup an audio suitedown to izotope go to izotope rx6connect that will send the audiointo rx hit sendand there we are opening up isotopes sothis is pretty cool if you’ve ever seenthis before but this is a histogramthis is showing frequency and amplitudeas basicallydisplayed by color brighter the colorthe louder or the greater the amplitudeso what’s cool is like you cansee visually where these pops are yousee that taking the prospamdamn so you can see it’s not the fullfrequency spectrumright so because of that what i’m goingto do is i’m going to come down here andgrab this tool hereand now i can sort of choose whati’m grabbing whereas like this verticaltool is full frequency spectrum rightdon’t need it so i’m going to zoom in asmuch as i can i’m just going to grabthis right here and then i go over tospectral repair and what i’m going to dois replace and what it kind of does isjust sort of likeanalyzes the audio around it and itreplaces the selectionwith whatever it seems to make sense idon’t know what they’re doing ask guysdopeit’s amazing those guys make the mostamazing tools i don’t really need toknow exactly how it works but i’m gladto know that it doesto making the process committed tomaking the process there we go that wasgonesee so hop over here again grab it realquickprocess cool zoom out process is lookingawesome so we’re going to zoom out andwe can see againas easy as possible keeping you updatedon hereupdated you updated yeah right heregrab youi think there’s like two or three morerightwhat else we got this looks like one sbayep see how easy it is to see it’s socoolprocess it’s from the sba and thetreasury departmentdid i get them allit’s from the sba in the treasurydepartment yep and then the last thingyou’re going to do is uh command aselects everythingcan send it back renderand there we go so let’s hear it we’recommitted to making the processas easy as possible keeping you updatedon guidance from the sba and thetreasury departmentand where it was we’re committed tomaking the processand there you go you know sothat’s a pretty cool trick as far as i’mconcerned i mean thatbasically you know our client came to uswith a problemsolved it you know that’s kind of whatit’s all aboutso i’ve got one more uh example to showyoulet’s dive into that okay so thisexample actually this whole video uh wassort of inspired byan instagram post i saw by uh kato zaneuh you can check out kato on instagramkatozaineum she’s got some awesome youtube videosas well check her out on your youtubechannelbut she was mentioning that she got thisaudio from somebody where there isbasically like time omittedyou know it was just stuttery and idon’t know if this is exactlythe problem but what i’ve noticed and ithink what’s happening herethis is a podcast that i work on and thehosts have usb microphones and i thinkwhat i’ve noticedis that when you hold or handle a usbmicrophonesomething about that connection it’s nothappy it’s not the same as like an xlrand i notice after that handling quiteoften i wouldn’t say quite often butoften enoughthere’s this stuttery glitchy soundwhich is like this check this outokay so enough about chicken i don’twant david to go on uh what about thecoatingright do you brine it first do youflower do you batter ityeah so you hear all that like it’sstuttery rightso once again if it’s a situation whereit can’t be re-recordedi go to izotope so cato if you’rewatching you can check this outand might help youum i know you mentioned actually on thatpost that you’d rather fix itat the source so maybe check out thoseusb mics tooso we’re going to send this back intoizotopeand i’ll show you what this looks likebecause this looks different than theone i showed you previouslyokay so enough about chicken i don’twant david to go on all right sofirst our pop is running here i don’twant david chicken i don’t want davidyeah right there you can see it see sonow this one again looks different rightso this is full frequency spectrum soi’m going to grab this tooljust grab what i need hit processand i don’t want david do you go on uhwhat about the club and i’m happy withthatuh there’s another one grab thisthere’s some other issues here too thati’m not gonna get intoyou know there’s like mouth clicks andstuff like that but we’re not going todeal with thatmaybe another video i’ll show you allthat on uh what about the codingright here loading kind of funnyso we hit it and you see how quick it isi mean it’s not the mostperfect thing in the world but it’spretty amazing how good it can getcodingright do you brine it first do you andnow this is what i’m talking about thatstuttery stuff i missed one over herelook at this now that’s lost audioright but check this outboom you brine iti missed one over here or did ilet’s back up holding right do you brineit first do you fuck yeah there it isso i think this is probably what catowas seeingjust literally just dropped audioand i don’t know why the us mic usb micsdo this but i’ll tell you tooi’ve seen it done with severalmicrophonesseveral usb microphones you know one ofthe most popular ones out thereis the audio technica 2100 it’s like 100bucks and it’sit’s really good for the it’s i thinkit’s good for the price sounds fineum it does this um the rode podcasterthat’s pretty nice you know and that’slike i think 250 bucks or sostill if you handle it for whateverreason it can freak out and start doingthis on you so let’s take a listenokay so enough about chicken i don’twant david to go on uh what about thecoatingright do you brine it first do youflower do you batter itwhat’s the outer itwhat i missed onebatter it this is a little funky in herebut you get the idea so we hitapple a select it all send it backhit renderum you can see um that’s our file nowand let’s listen againget that visual out of my mind okay soenough about chicken i don’t want davidto go onuh what about the coating right do youbrine it first do youflower do you batter it so let’s listenagain flowers do you batter itand what it wasfirst do you flower it do you batter ityou hear that it was it was so glitchyand then it came backwith i mean how much time did it take melike a minute or twoum that was while explaining it so umget yourself some izotope rx standardand use spectral repair for those thingsdon’t just saywe gotta re-record it hey i meanhonestly if you gotta if you canre-record it re-record itbut um you know if you’re in thosesituations like i was you know you don’thave the optionit’s an awesome way to fix it andimpress the hell out of your clients letme tell youso uh that’s all i have for you todaythough really appreciate you checkingthis outi hope you check out some of our othervideos as well and again like if youlike pro tools you like ableton tipsevery week we’ve got uh another thingfor you so hit the subscribe button hitthe notification bellso you know when they’re availablealright i’m adam claremont for breakingaudiosee you next time