Hey everyone welcome to Breaking Audio, my name is Dave. I’m going to be talking to you today about making track presets. Just some helpful tips that that I do to save me some time.

let’s just get right into ituh we’re gonna jump into pro tools hereum now the way you make a track presetin pro tools is well let’s just make alittle quick quick audio track herewe’re to call it vxand we’ll just throw a plug-in on itlike something we might use by doing avocal we’ll just go ahead and use ayou know we’ll just make a real quicklike you know whatever low filter thingwhatever there we gocool now we have a track that we canturn into a track presetso in order to do this you make sure thetrack is selectedand you can select more than one trackby the way i’ll explain that in a momentgo to track presethere you can add yourself you know acategory it’s kind of like a folderright soi can have all my presets within thisone category i know they’re mineum at the studio that’s importantbecause there’s several of us workingthereum so uh vx says like that vx whateverthere we go bang now we gottaget a track preset let’s delete thistrack and recall it so when you want torecalla track preset you can go to create anew track and it is stored in herewhich is a little bit of an odd place inmy opinion but so this is like yourfolder and this is like whereeach individual preset is so if we loadthis vxwe will get our trackback so there it islet’s just go ahead and delete that i’mgoing to show you one that i madethat i use pretty frequently every timei record vocals reallyum and i’ll show you whyso here’s mine it’s it’s it’s multipletracks so the one we just made withsingle the way you make a multiple trackpresetis you just make sure all of thesetracks are selectedhighlighted in white and you go tosave track preset and do the same thingand it’ll save all of it it’ll save theroutingit’ll save your sends and things likethat what we’ve got here is a mix ofaudio tracksand aux tracks um and it’s got you knowmultiple plugins even my cues are savedand everything all the outputs and youknow where everything’s goingum you know basically what we’re lookingat right here is a preset that i madebecause i like to use melodynenow i’m not going to go into melodynei’ll do a video on melodyne later butthe reason i made this preset is becausemelodyneto set up in my favorite way is is a bitcomplicated to doi like to have all of the music okayi’ve got my all music track up herewith the instance of melodyne on itcurrently deactivated because i’m on mylaptop and i don’t actually havemelodyne or the grey river or anythinglike thatum but i’ve got an instance of melodyneinactive hereon that as well as my vocals so when igo to use melodyne i activate it and ican play everything into itand we’ll get to melodyne some othertime but uhbasically it can be a pain to set up andvery time consuming to like do all thisstuffso i’d rather just kind of knock it outin one preset and have it if i need itright so on this i’ve got just the allmusic tracka couple of basic things you know maindouble harmonya bust for all that extra vocals ad libsi don’t necessarily need theseso i can delete them if i don’t wantthem if i need more main vocals ordoublesi can duplicate them if i want them soi’m not tryingto cover every single thing that i couldpossibly need ever for recording a vocalbecause you just end up with too muchstuff too much tracks too complicated itjust gets crazyso um you know some of these tracks downhere that don’t have melodyne on them iput an auto tune that’s inactive just incase i want that becausethe disadvantage to melodyne sometimesif you record too many vocalsyou know i’m like well i don’t reallyneed to tune all these vocals and maybei should have some other tracks layingaround to throw stuff on you know justsome extra bitsyou know what i mean maybe maybesomething’s very simple and i could useautotune instead butanyways i’ve also got some effects heresimple delay and reverb that i can useagain i could delete the delay if idon’t need it because a lot of peopledon’t really want delay on their vocalmaybe they just want to touch a verb fortracking you knowuh this is for tracking not for mixingso this is a rather basic setupum i didn’t take the step of colorizingeverything or anything butthis i just got used to it this is thisis what i pull up every time to trackvocals and it makes things prettypretty easy we also have outboard gearat the studio which is why i don’t havecompressors uh insertedon this because i’ve already got thatkind of happening um and the eq isusually for surgical stuff soum that’s my preset for this sosometimes people might ask me forsomething a little bit more complicatedsoan example of that would be um you knowpeople want like vocoder effects rightso i should make a preset for thatbecause the vocode is another thingthat’s really irritating the setupsometimes so let’s pop overover to ableton to check that wholething outmaking a preset in ableton is eveneasier than in pro tools soi’m over here in my user user libraryand i’ve created a place to store mycustom made trackslet’s say i had some effects and thingslike that on you knowinstruments on my midi track drag anddrop it straight into my folderfor for tracks and then i have itsaved that’s it there’s no saving oranything umto recall something i drag and drop itinto the projectso it’s drag and drop both ways andhere’s my vocal uh my vocoderright so what i’ve got here is atrack well an audio track and a miditrack within a groupthe group is important because you’vegot to group it to save multiple trackslike thisso make sure you’re grouped and thenwhen you drag it over here you’ll haveeverything insideso we’ve got a um audio track that itook some time to set upi gave a little vocoder pre-treatment alittle bit of low cut and a little bitof uhhigh cuts to catch some sibilance or agate sometimes like you knowt’s and ends of words can trigger thevocoder i don’t want that so i can kindof reduce it or get rid of it withbetween high cuts and gates and thingslike that i’ve got my synth tracks setupwhich of course routes into the vocoderand that’s kind of a pain to set upevery time you knowi made this preset you know a few monthsago and ihaven’t had to set up a vocoder againbecause i just pop open the same thingso it’s a it’s a wonderful thing and uhyeah that’s where i’ll leave it soif you guys have any time saving thingsthat you guys dodrums is another thing um it would bevery obvious butif you guys have any time saving stuffthat you do with presets let me know anysuggestions tips whatever elseyeah i’m all ears uh great have a goodnight that’s itfrom meyou