Here I am going to dive into Izotope showing you how we do a little bit of audio restoration. And also I’m going to describe the situation specific to this audiobook that I recorded. Wasn’t planning on editing it but after an interesting turn of events, here we go and I’m solving a problem and making a happy client!

Hey everybody how you doing? I’m Adam Clairmont for and Today I’ve got another video for you that’s going to dive into Izotope showing you how we do a little bit of audio restoration. And also I’m going to sort of describe the situation specific to this audiobook that I recorded. Wasn’t planning on editing but uh after an interesting turn of events here we go and I’m solving a problem and making a happy client. So if you like videos about checking out pro tools tips ableton tips audio engineering tips be sure to hit the bell and subscribe because at breaking audio this is exactly what you’ll get every single week. so without further ado let’s dive into the video. a little backstory here i’drecorded this audiobookfor a client uh it was determined aheadof time thatuh our rates kind of exceeded theirbudget for the editingso i would be done after the recordingprocessso we did all that and i got a phonecallum with an upset client basically sayingthat the editor that she did hirewas claiming that the entire book neededto be re-recordedit was a mess sounded like it wasrecorded in a bathroomi should be fired i should give all themoney backum there’s a lot of finger pointinggoing on um at which point i wasupset to hear that obviously but i i waskind ofsmiling a little bit in the back of mymind because i know that uh none of thatis truebut anyway basically what ended uphappening is you know this clientfortunately went forum somebody on the cheaper side of thespectrum and that person received theaudioand decided that anything that had alittle bit of noiseum should be re-recorded rather thanfixedany problems should not be solved bythat personthey should be resolved by bringing thetalent back inand hiring me again to re-recordwhich to me goes against everything i’mall aboutwith audiobooks there’s always pickupsthere’s always problems you need to fixthere’s always re-recordsbut i think that should be the lastoption the last resorti think it’s part of our job to clean upanduh we should be resourceful and have thetools and have theexperience and the expertise to be ableto do that cleanup sothey gave me a list of 500 plus pickupsnow this is a 12 hour plusfinished audiobook which is you knowkind of averagebut 500 pickups is quite a lot so italked with this clientwas really calm and just sort ofexplained like welli’m not going to re-record this for freebecause i know what i was[Laughter]i know the value of the work i gave youit clearly does not need to bere-recordedso why don’t you let me edit the booki’ll do it for whatever they were doingi’m just trying to solve a problem herethat’s kind of as far as i was willingto go and it was honestly probablymore generous than i needed to be butagain i subscribed tobeing a problem solver not a fingerpointer so i’m trying to help out thisperson and build more goodwillwhich i did so i took over the audiobooki took a look at these cuesand honestly i’m just kind of wiping outalmost all of their notes becausethey’re really kind of simple fixes soone of the first things i want to showyou as i dive into pro tools hereis here’s a little bit of the audio werecorded i havelost and found myself many times in thewonderful worldscreated by madeleine l’engle so thatsounds fine but here was a problem withum this line right here time andmadeline lingleso this was like this is a commonnote that i have you see all thisbackground noise background noisebackground noise over and over and overand over againso our talent is theauthor he is alsoa little elderly and he has a problemwith his knee we went through severalchairs and pillows trying our best tomake him comfortable just was notworking out wellhe was a little shifty soyou know i did my best to accommodatehim and make him feel good and it isvery important to have theauthor read um whenever possible and ifyou hear his voice i think he’s got apretty cool voice i’ve lost and foundmyselfmany times all right i mean how do youreplace that so the decision was madethat he would narrate the bookand sorry but this is kind of what wehave to deal with sometimestime and madeleine l’engle but i’m notgoing to bring him back here to do500 plus pickups because he wasuncomfortable and because someone elsedecided not to do a little bit of audiorestoration so what are we going to dowe’re going to highlight this clip openup audio suite and send it intorx go to rx connectsend okay so here we are in rxtime and madeleine l’engleso it’s kind of ugly but this ishonestly guys this is such a simple fixdialogue isolate i’m gonna be reallyaggressive check this outtime and madeleine l’engle now come onnow whywould i bring back a talent into thestudiofor hundreds of pickups when i can dothis in literally less than a minutethat’s insane sorry sorry person whojust lost an editing job and a clientprobably forever forcreating a problem that wasn’t one evernow let’s listen to it now time andmadeleine l’englei have lost and found myself many timesall right so as you can see i’m a littlefired up right now you know i’m proud tobe kicking some ass on this andfixing these problems because it’s wellwithin my ability it’s well within yourabilityit’s well within the ability of theperson who had this job to begin withbut i think this comes down to servicingclients and the philosophy behind doingthatand i would encourage you to one don’tbe taken advantage of by other peoplewhomaybe don’t have the same experience asyou or maybe just don’t have thatphilosophy of solving problems theywould maybe ratherkick off the work to someone else ormaybe maybe they’re upset because theydid notget a very great rate they did notnegotiate well for themselves and nowthey don’t believethat the work that is needed to be donedoes not fit within that rate so maybethey’reupset because again they negotiatedagainst themselves to that i saydo better negotiating next time thereason that i did not get this editingjob to begin with was because my ratewas higher than this other person’salso if you choose to accept the work ithink you need toactually do the work so there’s thatpart twosolve problems this is a problem yeahsolve it don’t put it back on yourclient they lost a job because of thisthey’re just not problem solvers andit’s not even about this job it’s aboutwhat about the next oneand the next one after that and the nextone after that who are they going tocallprobably me now you know because i notonly did i solve this problem but i tookcare of and i erased this whole issueof bringing in the talent and schedulingall these extra hours for unnecessarywork that helps my narratorthat builds a good relationship with himand that helpsthe publishing company you know so whodoes a lot of books by the wayso i’m happy to be on their good sideand then i guess the last thing that iwould sayis careful pointing fingers at otherpeople downstream or upstream whereveryou can be upset with someone you canyou know maybe have an opinion aboutthe quality of someone else’s work youmight want to think twice about pointingfingersand pushing the blame on to someone elseespecially to your clientwithout having maybe an openconversation we could have talked aboutthis ahead of time and we probablycould have saved some face for for themuh they’re just not looking very goodright nowyou can see how simple this was to fixum sothere you have it so now you can see youknow hop in izotope you can actuallyclean up this dialogue pretty wellwith those types of things with izotopeso i wanted to show you that but alsoit’s kind of want to put that in yourbrain about you know if you ever havebeen in a situation where you’re gettinga project that maybe isn’tas ideal as you’re hoping it would be umthink about solving problems it doesn’tjust fix the job you’re onit can actually get you work the nexttime because we’re in the serviceindustry here we’re here toprovide valuable expertise and makeeveryone else’s lifeeasier period so anyway that that’s mytake on thisuh let me know what you think if youalso are interested in more audiorestoration tipsuh check out the video uh right overhere uh because i showed you some otherones that were pretty cool there tooalsosolving a problem um so that’s it againadam claremont for uh hit the subscribebutton at the bell every week we’ll getmore videos just like thisand i will see you on the next one byeyou