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Import an AAF File Into Pro Tools

I want to talk about importing an AAF file into Pro Tools. And just so you know I haven’t done this in at least 10 years, maybe longer! It’s usually an OMF file but let’s figure out if I can actually do this or not together!

How To Create Cellphone Audio Effect in Pro Tools

  Hey everybody, welcome back my name is Adam Clairmont. I’m going to be sharing with you four tips on how to get that telephone audio effect on your dialogue, vocals or for your music.  

Clean Up Dialogue Audio [Solving Audio Problems]

Here I am going to dive into Izotope showing you how we do a little bit of audio restoration. And also I’m going to describe the situation specific to this audiobook that I recorded. Wasn’t planning on editing it but after an interesting turn of events, here we go and I’m solving a problem and… Read more »

How To Fix Audio Glitches

Today I want to dive into a video about audio restoration. You ever get something from somebody and it’s like kind of glitchy or stuttery and you don’t really know what to do? Recording again is not an option?