We Create Magic

Overit Studios is a 19th-century Spanish design influenced church located in beautiful upstate NY.

Overit Studios is a full-service audio and video production facility based in beautiful upstate New York.

Built with no limitations and housed in a pristine rehabbed church, Overit Studios provides full production capability for all aspects of audio, video and digital services. Like you, we are fanatical about the quality of the final product and strive to provide unmatched sound and experiences. Managed by people with years of experience in the music, television, film and marketing industries, you can trust us to achieve the results you desire, and rest even more comfortably when we exceed them.

Overit Studios is a 19th-century Spanish design influenced church located in beautiful upstate New York.

Overit Studios also houses Overit, one of the top emerging digital agencies in the country. The church was purchased by Dan & Michelle Dinsmore, who transformed the space into a world of digital and organic creativity. Overit preserved the integrity of the original acoustics of the Church as well as repurposed all of the pews for sound diffusion and aesthetics. The 13,000-squarefoot building has been meticulously designed to represent the future of media and creation. It is a sight to be seen & heard.

Overit Studios handles an array of audio and video production needs. If you can see or hear it, we can create it.